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Originally Posted by Monsterland View Post
I'm probably entering a world of shit for saying this over here but you know that piracy was the main reason for the Amiga's demise don't you?

I'm guilty as well but now I'm older it's not something I'm really proud of really.
in a word 'bollocks', and if you don't know that word, look it up.

1). Commodore going down the shitter didn't help
2). Commodore not updating the Amiga to compete with new machines didn't help
3). Migration to C programming on newer consoles meant that software companies were less inclined to do a separate asm version for Amiga, because for Amiga to get the best out of the machine means avoiding the OS, something you cannot do with C.

Piracy frankly had little to do with things, piracy was present on SNES, Megadrive, PC and every new console since.
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