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I'd argue the toss about that <with a grin on me face> as Freeze and I had a dozen or so CD-ROMs on line on The Fridge. But who's counting. Especially TF was an indie board, and not fast at all.
OMG, isn't it amazing what fragments of a former existance exist when you google yourself.

I've still got the CDs, in their caddys and I seem to have also retained one of the external single speed scsi cd drives.

I honestly can't remember what happened to the A2000 the board was run on, and my original A1000 with its 256mb RAM add on and case with molded developer signatures on the inside has unfortunately been lost to a rushed house move. What I do have left is the 4000/030 with one of the 800meg drives - ashamedly not powered up now for 6+ years. I'm pretty sure it still contains the BBS section index txt files.

Who else got burnt fingers making parnet cables?
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