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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
I also got a bunch of disk tools in hopes that one of them can be used to transfer the files from Atari ST floppy to XP. (Any recommendation for a tool to do this? Some software that's like CrossDOS for the Amiga.)
Yup, the same awesome program that I use to transfer FM-Towns floppy disks / image

... OmniFlop

It recognises loads of formats, it even specifically lists Atari ST:

OmniFlop will give you the raw data off floppy disks of the formats listed above plus other formats it can work out. However, it can't work out the filing system (data format) of the disk - such as FAT12, FAT16, NTFS, DFS, ADFS, Atari ST, RS-DOS - to give you access to the logical files on the disk! Once you've got the data onto your PC in an image file, though, it should be easy to extract the data from the disk image, either manually or with software. Many utilities already exist out there on the Internet to interpret your disk image as files of a whole variety of formats - see Compatible Programs below.

Read and write Atari ST disk image files (‘.st’).

41. Read, write, and format Atari ST DSDD and [new for v2.01m] Atari ST SS (320kB, 360kB) formats.
43. Read, write, and format Atari STE formats (738kB, 800kB, 810kB).
44. Read, write, and format Atari ST 820kB format
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