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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
Presumably because it isn't? Thought so.

Give us a shout when you do have the motivation and perhaps at least one person here will take you seriously.

The problem with vinyl haters is that you fish your parents ratty old elvis LPs out of the attic that have been used as beer coasters or frisbies, stick them on a 20 quid argos record player and go "christ vinyl sounds rubbish".

The FACT of the matter is that vinyl LPs are for the most part taken from analogue masters (excluding horrible new vinyl you find in HMV) and original analogue recordings are better in quality than their digital counterparts.

If you treat your LPs well and use remotely good equipment the quality is infintaely better than that of Red Book CD audio.

I also like the fact that if I scratch an LP it will 'click' or 'clunk' on playing, but still actually play, as opposed to CD's which will either skip insanely or refuse to play back at all.

Along with less important advantages such as proper full sized artwork and the almost sexual gratification you get from putting on an LP vinyl is clearly the way to go.
A fact backed up by the current surge of new LPs and 7" singles being released.
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