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Heimdall - new flash game added to RAG!

Quote from news at RAG:

Damn, I code/play games when I should be looking for a job !

Hurray for me! :P. Another Flash game, and this time it's the axe throwing part in Heimdall. I changed some things as you will notice (if you have played the original game). I also made hitting the hair thingy much easier, so if you find it hard to hit them, you will have little success doing it in the original game.

what's up with the weird ingame music, you say?. Heh, I found the game more amusing to play with this song as it goes so well together with those brawling vikings ... might just be me .
Thanks again, DJ. Thunder, for ripping the sprites . Of course, I have to cut out each sprite and make it a transparent gif, but not having to rip them from the game myself saves me some agony .

Heimdall: Throw that axe! (the game must have a title , best one I could think of).
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