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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
Are you sure you have ever seen HD content?

There is now reason why SD wouldn't look "awesome" (for SD standards) on an HD set... but seeing HD on HD is a complete other story.

They are not even close (contrary to what people say about distances etc.).

Watch something HD for 10 min. and then immediately go back to SD (even a good quality DVD)... everything will look blurry.

Yes we got used to blurriness all those years, but that doesn't make it "reality".
I have watched a particular film in XviD DVDRip 1.4GB when it came out, and then i watched it in X264 HD ~7-8GB, yes it looked better but I can honestly say that it really wasnt worth the extra ~6GB, taking into consideration that x264 is a better codec. It is much better to spend money on a good tv and an upscaling hdmi player than spend out on Blu-Ray and have to replace your existing dvd collection.
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