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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
No, I bought one quite early on and really paid for it. The reason being that there was real tangible benefits to that upgrade.
And that benefit being slightly better image quality, better sound and perhaps slightly more durable although that is debatable as I have many knackered DVDs yet my Star Wars tapes still live on strong. (Unless you mean you could stop rewinding tapes)

As opposed to now when the image quality has increased massively, the sound is also far better and the disks themselves are far more durable than DVD.

The jump from DVD to HD (Blu-Ray) is far greater than VHS to DVD.

I watched a VHS of Star Wars not long ago that I bought HQ tapes to record them on when the BBC or ITV showed the original trilogy one week after the other. It wasn't really that much different to the DVD I have.

Your argument, if thats what we are calling it, is flawed. Watching a film on VHS, DVD, at the cinema, or Blu-ray isn't going to make the film any more or less enjoyable, if the film is shit, the film is shit.

You have made your mind up, but eventually you will get a blu-ray player because the film companies are going to kill DVD production just like they killed VHS production.

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