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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Did you buy one of the first DVDs for the same price Blu-Ray players sell for or did you wait...
No, I bought one quite early on and really paid for it. The reason being that there was real tangible benefits to that upgrade.

If someone tells you you'll enjoy something more when it's in higher definition you'll probably believe it. The rest of us with own minds will make the decision for ourselves. Some of us actually have already.

Lots of us here get no benefit from HD. We watch it. It's higher definition. Great. Now what? The film is still the same. I don't feel any benefit from having watched it in HD.

I don't agree with there being no difference, of course. I do see a difference between SD and HD. A big difference. But I'm just not interested. The same way I was happy when washing up liquid was green. It comes in all sorts of colours now and I'm sure people like that, but it's just not for me.

For the record, I'm younger than you and I do embrace new technologies, just not this one.

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