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Originally Posted by seuden View Post
You're gonna think I'm attacking you now but I'm honestly not, standard definition looks awesome on my HD TV, which btw is a Sony Bravia KDL-40V2000. Yes if you're sitting a metre away from the screen there are noticeable artefacts but who sits a metre away from a 40" tv?
Maybe it does, Bravias are good sets, but it still isn't going to look anywhere near as good as HD content does.

I can understand you putting up with content that isn't as good while the prices are in the high "new technology" bracket, but I ask you, just how quickly did you jump on the DVD bandwagon? Did you buy one of the first DVDs for the same price Blu-Ray players sell for or did you wait...

First DVD player we had in our house was my PS2.

There is a huge quality difference between DVD and HD (far greater than the difference between VHS and DVD). Fine if people don't like the fact Sony "won", just say that, but don't start with HD isn't needed, that much of a difference or other such crap because the more HDTVs that are sold the more people aren't going to want DVDs to play on them.
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