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This thread has lasted longer than I expected...
I guess I may eventually buy a blu-ray player but this is ONLY going to happen when a significant proportion of films I want are no-longer released on DVD. And that assumes in 5-10 years time there isn't a MUCH more worthy 'upgrade'.
-Sony - at the risk of being a misery I'm too p*ssed to support them these days.
-DRM - another monkey on my back. It's a freedom-related issue that doesn't just relate to films...
-Why bother?
Well done DivX's look more than good enough on my projector, never mind DVD quality being 'better' than that.
Too many of my favorite films look WORSE in HD.
I know b-r is an improvement over DVD but I'm never going to notice without a side-by-side comparison.
I'll also have to upgrade ALL my stuff to take advantage of it. (not going to happen any time soon)
Oh, yes. Why do I want yet another d*mn box cluttering my house (unless it's a retro box ) when I'm already migrating all my media to the HDDs on my 'media server'..?

Did I mention money yet?

For me I just don't see the point.
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