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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
There was a big Carrier Command thread in around November and while it is also one of my favourites, a slight flaw is that once you suss out that 7 or 8 air-to-ground assassin missiles can take out an HQ, you have no real motivation to use any of the other cool equipment - the Walrus vehicles, the virus bombs, off shore Carrier bombardments etc. Why bother if you can do it all quicker and more easily with a Manta or two.

With a tweak or two (or several) this could be addressed, improving the tactical depth and presumably gameplay.
Indeed.. surely they had playtesters back then as well ?
Perhaps if you could reverse the carrier up to the island sufficiently, but in the remake, the islands wouldn't be as simple as the original - there would be undulating terrain as well as the islands being considerably larger. The carrier arsenal would only be capable of establishing a beach-head in my plans, so that would never have been an issue. Perhaps the mantas could venture far enough inland, and maybe the a tomahawk could take out the odd hospital, but all these things need to be taken into account when tackling a game of this potential.
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