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Amiga video project - help required

How MUCH do you love, or did love, the Amiga?

For me, alot, the games, the people, the community, being part of the scene, the demos, the music, the atmosphere. It was an experience that nothing can compare to today.

I used to make videos professionally and as of late have discovered old Amiga mods, game videos and demos which have brought back alot of fond memories, so fondly I wish to give something back to the Amiga community, something to keep the Amiga alive.

This will take form of a tribute video, something to say "thank you", to the musicians, coders, graphic artists, demo makers, pioneers and faces behind this great machine.

I need help, do you love this computer enough to say thank you also?
No money, just support, be it offering information, dates on when games were launched, remixing classic Amiga songs, providing graphics etc, the Amiga needs you.

How about it?
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