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Originally Posted by ami_junkie View Post
Brilliant! That really brings the Amiga game music into another level, even my wife who hates game music is listening to your tunes this morning on her ipod. Nice work!
Oh, that´s pretty cool.

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Just listened to the latest ones - Hero Quest in particular is outstanding.
Thanks my friend.

Originally Posted by ami_junkie View Post
Just downloaded all the songs and they are truly amazing mate, you got some incredible talent there, makes me proud to be part of the Amiga scene still with such talented people. I have just one question, is the Cannon Fodder tune meant to be only 45 seconds? I tried to download it and it seemed incomplete, was not sure if this is my fault or something. Keep up the amazing work again!

Mhhh, it works fine here. But hey, you already got it.

Originally Posted by laffer View Post
In addition to the question if I'm allowed to post the links in other forums, I have one more -

Even though Gabriel Knight wasn't released on the Amiga, would you consider doing a tune from that game? It has amazing music and your style would be perfectly suited to music from that game!

Of course you´re allowed to post the links in other forums.
I´d love it.

I just bought Gabriel Knight - The beast within.
Do you mean the intro tune?

There are other songs like x-out I excluded from Vol. I.
Gabriel Knight could be a bonus track for Vol. II.
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