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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
Really? I did try that exact position before but I used a different adf with invulnerability on...

Come to think of it I did have to turn off the invulnerability to access the subgame in level 2-2, maybe you'd like to check the code at that point to see if it's similar?
It's very possible the ADF you used and my WHDLoad trainer patch the same piece of code in the same way to do the invulnerability. The same routine in each level does all the player vs. xxx collision detection, including vs. regular scenery and including checking for subgame "module" entry points. Easiest way to get invulnerability would be to make this routine return without doing anything, with the side effect of disabling entry to scenery-triggered subgames such as 2-2 and 4-2. The other subgames could be boss-triggered, and bosses have their own separate collision detection code.

I'd also hazard a guess that you can't enter the 2-2 subgame if you are "flashing invulnerable". I need to research a patch for this bug and for a proper invulnerability trainer that still allows entry to the 2-2 and 4-2 subgames.

So you need to get back to level 4 and try again without invulnerability on
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