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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
There's a total of 5 bonus levels right?
1. After blasting the caterpillar away and collecting the fat little angel at level 1.
2. After killing the mole you fly into the hill.
3. Inside the mouth of the big fish boss at level 2.
4. Inside the dead rat after you have killed the maggots.
5. The newly discovered Speed of Light stage.

My RAD drive and WinUAE is itching to record this.
I just want to be certain about all the bonus levels.
No there are 6.

You're missing one on level 2-2

It explains in more detail here.

It's essentially the same as the mole hill one.


Really? I did try that exact position before but I used a different adf with invulnerability on...

Come to think of it I did have to turn off the invulnerability to access the subgame in level 2-2, maybe you'd like to check the code at that point to see if it's similar?
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