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Demoniac, there seems to be an Amiga FAQ and a vBulletin FAQ, I got stuck at the first one cause it said FAQ with big shiny letters, that just how I operate I guess

As for your question, the monsinfo.dat for Amiga, Atari and PC (named CREATURE.DAT) versions are exactly the same, ie no wolves since that piece of data is corrupt. The C64 version has Wolf intact and also differs in the byte that describes which picture to use for each monster, a bit different system in use I guess.

Another thing I noticed while playing the C64 version was that it was much harder to hit monsters. This could be because the byte that decides how hard a monster is to hit seems to be calculated as a signed byte on the Amiga. That is, 127 is the highest value, values beyond that get calculated as negative, ie easy to hit.

Now I'm rambling a bit, but I just love this game down to the last bit.
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