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Maybe Toshiba lost out because they had other plans.

Either way both corps have their problems and bad customer and service relations.

At least now we can move on with high capacity media. Roll on the third party manufactures, who will make this available and cheap enough for us all to buy.

Lets hope the media doesn't turn out as exspensive as dvd dual layer media is. If so it will be a great set back, with little sales.

If hardware and media is cheap and plentiful it will be bought buy everyone.

I see another few years yet before i buy into it. I need the prices that are the current dvd hardware and media as is now. I'm more for many hardware recorder drives for pcs and loads of media blank disks, while only one or two hardware recorder drives for the home is needed.

The industry needs get their brains in gear. With cheaper hardware and media will equal vast instant profit turnover.
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