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This seems to be interesting...

Last year, about 32 million DVD players were sold in the U.S.; of those, only 4%, or 1.5 million, were high-definition DVD players. Blu-ray Disc players accounted for 578,000 of that number, and HD DVD accounted for 370,000, according to Adams Media Research Inc. That's almost a 2-to-1 ratio. After Warner Bros. pulled its support of HD DVD last month, the percentage of Blu-ray to HD DVD sales skyrocketed. Blu-ray accounted for 93% of high-def DVD hardware sales in North America in the week after Warner Bros.'s announcement -- although the overall number was small: 21,770 players. Multiply those sales out over the full year, and you're still looking at just over 1 million high-def players sold.
After the news broke yesterday that HD DVD was about to raise the white flag, geek news site put up an impromptu poll for its readers, asking, "Now That Blu-ray Has Won ...?"
  • I'll Get A Player By Summer
  • I'll Get A Player By the End of the Year
  • Still Not Convinced HD is Worth It
  • Holding Out For Downloads
  • I Want My HD DVD
  • My Media Is In CowboyNeal's Hands
Almost half of the 28,000 respondents at the time of this story's publishing said they still aren't convinced that high-definition DVD is worth the upgrade from traditional DVD technology. The next biggest group of respondents said they are still waiting for high-definition downloads. Geeks tend to be early adopters of technology, so this poll could be very telling.

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