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Originally Posted by Unch View Post
I was talking about real practical benefits that Joe Public will reap from changing over to a HD format.
  • I'm not quite sure what you mean here, I've never seen a setting on the DVD menu that couldn't be changed with the remote while the movie is playing. Unless you're talking about scene selection, but then why do you need to keep the current scene playing if you are changing to a different one?
  • You need PiP to watch a movie or TV show why? I can see the benefits for the deaf and signing, but there are already subtitles and we all know that isn't what it is used for.
  • That's a given, but how much of a benefit is it really? It's not exactly a quantum leap like CDs were over vinyl or DVD was over VHS.
  • How many people could actually tell the difference without being told?
  • Again, how many people actually notice this?
  • No idea what you're talking about.
So basically, it shoves more pixels on the screen and the menus are a bit flashier. Whoopy-do.
A lot of the Blu-ray releases are also missing extras that were prominent on the original DVD releases too... and paying upto £25 per disc is daylight robbery for any HD disc imo. Just wait, they'll have 'special edition Blu-ray' discs with the added extras in a year or so to maximise profits.

I see no point in it tbh for films. Standard DVD is cheap, cheerful, looks crisp, clear (Anchor Bay releases tend to be brilliant) and sound wise are fine to my ears with a decent set of cans on my head

Another gimmick and not really a quantum leap in picture/sound.

There will also be far less releases of older DVD releases too onto the Blu-Ray format and there's not a cat in hells chance I'm going to replace all my DVDs

I'm waiting for the day when Isolinear optical chips are released with 2.15 kiloquads of data storage
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