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Originally Posted by spiff View Post
They offer just as much/little as VHS had on dvd, depending on your views

  • Menus/information that integrates with the movie with out being preencoded as with dvd, ie you don't need to stop a movie if you want go through settings.
  • Picture in picture (for HDdvd, will probably be useful in future BD upgrades)
  • 6x the resolution
  • Finally lossless encoding of audio, especially spatial orientation.
  • Video codecs that aren't bit starved and with artifacts around the 2h+ mark.
  • Actual seamless branching, not that fade crap DVD has.
I was talking about real practical benefits that Joe Public will reap from changing over to a HD format.
  • I'm not quite sure what you mean here, I've never seen a setting on the DVD menu that couldn't be changed with the remote while the movie is playing. Unless you're talking about scene selection, but then why do you need to keep the current scene playing if you are changing to a different one?
  • You need PiP to watch a movie or TV show why? I can see the benefits for the deaf and signing, but there are already subtitles and we all know that isn't what it is used for.
  • That's a given, but how much of a benefit is it really? It's not exactly a quantum leap like CDs were over vinyl or DVD was over VHS.
  • How many people could actually tell the difference without being told?
  • Again, how many people actually notice this?
  • No idea what you're talking about.

So basically, it shoves more pixels on the screen and the menus are a bit flashier. Whoopy-do.
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