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Originally Posted by Ian View Post

Why not just admit you've lost the argument rather than trying to be clever. BC is just fine on mine. I couldn't give a crap if people buying one now cannot play PS2 games on it.
And that's why I and many other not-so-much-into-Sony will by one when it comes to reasonable price under 200 dollars, but only if it supports PS2. (seems that will never happen)

I don't give a shit about HD movies as they cost more. I'll stick with DVD for couple of years (maybe more) and I'll make a move when I can by pack of 50 BD for less then 20 bucks. (how much I'm paying right now)

I see the point of getting all of my AVI files on couple of disks... and being able to encode at 1400kbps video - 128kbps sound and have all season of series on one disk.
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