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ahh, and i forgot,

if you plan to record anything other than 48kHz audio on a pc, better use a non
windows os (ie linux), or win98se with vxd audio drivers or later win with asio
drivers. afaik wmi drivers use 48kHz internally and mess up the signal quality
if any other sampling rate is used. my tests prooved that to be true.
translating 44.1KHz to 48kHz and vice versa is a lossy subject....
it yields in ugly non harmonical distortion which seems to be a present
to the music industry in windows...
never run genuine test requiring ms software on 98se. so far my tests
showed 98se to be the best sound recording windows platform (if you
need windows at all, other os's let you freely use all sample rates of your
hardware without transcoding).

maybe these problems have been fixed in latest windows, but how long....

btw, soundblaster live is good, but internally uses 48kHz only too, with
lossy transcoding...
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