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you guys are talking about your arses now.

simple fact is HD-DVD is a loooooooooser, probably becuase is has a shite name but it doesnt matter which one died, at least one did. and its dead. so rapidly may it bugger off.

we didnt have this crap with 1st gen DVD did we, and for me that means i now have a large collection of DVDs which didnt cost me lots of money.

back luck if you got an HD-DVD player, serves you right for wasting your money.

and if you bought a PS3, then your luck was in i guess.

and now may we all buy blue-ray players and drives and enjoy freedom to choose what film we like in 'the' format.

which one is better? the one with all the films on. simple. and that doesnt apply to either of the formats until one is gone.
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