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Originally Posted by seuden View Post
Are the Blu-Ray releases of the same films really being released in a noticeably higher bit-rate that the average joe would be able to tell the difference? And it be worth the extra cash?
Of course they aren't going to enocde the film twice, they are all done to the lowest spec, which was HD-DVD, plenty of Blu-Ray only movies are encoded at a higher bitrate than is possible on HD-DVD.[/quote]
I think you'll find that both media formats have exceptionally great sound, in fact correct me if I'm wrong but they both support uncompressed audio?
Support yes, deliver no.

Anyway, read the text you quoted as doesn't prove or support your point at all. It says it can decode Dolby HD and deliver it uncompressed via HDMI not have it stored uncompressed on the HD-DVD like you can on the 10gb PER LAYER advantage blu-ray has.

Great argument, I can fuckin swear as well.
Yours doesn't have the statement of fact mine had though, it's just swearing for swearing sake.
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