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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
So Higher bit rates and much better sound don't heighten the HD experience then, my mistake.
Are the Blu-Ray releases of the same films really being released in a noticeably higher bit-rate that the average joe would be able to tell the difference? And it be worth the extra cash?

I think you'll find that both media formats have exceptionally great sound, in fact correct me if I'm wrong but they both support uncompressed audio?


Originally Posted by cnet
Nearly all HD DVD and Blu-ray discs offer one or more of the new, higher-resolution audio soundtracks, but the ability of players to deliver them varies widely. All current standalone HD DVD players can decode Dolby TrueHD and deliver it via HDMI as uncompressed PCM that most HDMI-equipped AV receivers can handle; or via multichannel analog outputs. Some Blu-ray players can do the same, but some cannot as it is not required by the Blu-ray specification. If the player cannot pass the full resolution of the soundtrack, it will pass a lower-resolution "core" surround soundtrack that's equal to or slightly better than standard Dolby Digital or DTS. There are currently players available in both formats capable of passing DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD in bitstream format, but not all players can do this.
Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Because you are talking complete bollocks thats why.
Great argument, I can fuckin swear as well.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Only HD-DVDs most staunch fanboys or biggest Sony haters ever argued it was a better format than Blu-Ray, anyone that looks at a list of specs would tell you Blu-Ray was better.
When have I ever said Blu-Ray was not a technically superior product?

My initial question was and I quote

Originally Posted by seuden
What about price?
Why should I have to pay more for something I don't need and there is an alternative product that is very very similar and is going to offer me a very very similar experience?

I know for a fact that if you were to watch a HD-DVD then watch a Blu-Ray of the same film you could not tell me which is which, you may get lucky a couple of times.

For (basically) an extra bit of space which is generally unnecessary and not required we will have to pay more for. If it wasn't for the PS3 then HD-DVD would of won imo. HD-DVD was the best way for most people to enjoy HD on a relatively cheap budget who didn't want to purchase a games machine.

Overall Blu-Ray was offering very little more than what HD-DVD was, and HD-DVD players were a lot cheaper, and the media had the potential to be a lot more cheaper.
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