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Good one girv!

By the way, it was not uncommon for developers doing mistakes like that as the crunch periods for many games were so intense that people were on the verge of collapsing during the point of final days.. so they often made mistakes and found out only after the game had shipped.

In elfmania, there's a whole unused sequence of animation for every character that's still on the disk but not used in the game because during the last 4-week stretch, the main coder savi.k.a had slept only 3-4 hours for every 12-20 hours..and thus was so tired and dizzy that he simply forgot to activate it. They only found out when we had the first shipment and I was testing it. Stavros was pissed off to say the least

The missing animation is basically the second 'dizzy' animation which activates when character has taken enough hits (their head lulls around and eyes look comical). It was in the beta version but not in the game. I know only because I playtested it when I joined terramarque.

So if you are looking for next challenge, why not try to uncover this?
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