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Originally Posted by Dj.Thunder View Post
Thank you very much ST Dragon !

And this is not finished ... if you like this Remake version, you should wait for the last release ( Enhanced version, working on ) ... to be continued ...
You're very welcomed!
It’s amazing that someone so young was able to pull this off!
Keep up the good work!

Just to point out...

1. In the original AMIGA version, the large spider at the entrance and exit of the spider infested cave makes a sinister scream when it charges against you. This sound effect is missing in the remake.

2. The new enhanced animated water at the 1st swamp levels looks excellent, very similar to the stormy waters from the 1st level of Agony.
However, since the 1st levels of Lion Heart take place in a swamp, one would expect the water to be calm and stagnant rather than stormy and wavy as they appear in the Remake.
The transparent stagnant waters in the original looked more logical for the setting of the swamp levels.
It would be very cool if you added the option to enable or disable the original water effect.

3. Also, I always thought that the original animation of Valdyn when he’s running to be a bit lame and goofy (Especially the stance of his arms).
Now if you can change the animation of his run and make it more sporty / action-oriented, then your enhanced Lion Heart Remake will be perfect!

Just some friendly advices.

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