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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Yes and it would be false economy.

Yes I could buy that cheaper, inferior format, just like I could buy a Vauxhall Vectra, but does that make it better than my Subaru?
Blu-Ray is not going to give you a heightened HD experience over HD-DVD.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I sense the ramblings of a fanboy.
Why is it when somebody has a different opinion they're automatically labelled a fanboy? I could say the exact same thing.

I am not going to purchase either, I have no need to.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
The PS3 is currently the best blu-ray player on the market, it's completely future proof and fully upgradable.

I can tell you now, if you someone buys a Blu-Ray movie player for £300 instead of a 40GB PS3 for £300 they are a mug. We aren't talking about the dodgy DVD that was in the PS2 here, the PS3s blu-ray drive is highly regarded amongst the tech-savvy.
I haven't said any different. If I only wanted to experience HD and I didnt need the option for HD gaming then the PS3 wouldn't be the best option, a £200 player would be.
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