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Originally posted by Akira
Ian, you offtpic-y person you... Again, cheers for the link. It seems Nth and MrDig share a few of the disks there (i mean, they have the same coverdisks available for download), so I'll try to provide Mr Dig with unique stuff.
Yep, I know the webmaster of the Ninth Dimension! He has even a link to my page! He likes my more detailed information about each coverdisk and I even may use his coverdisks and scans.. But unfortunately I still haven't searched his site quite well for my missing disks.. So I'll have to that first then... I know he doesn't mind adding some of his disks to my site, because as already said, he likes my site! As long as I give him the credits for his disks then it's fine by him...

The best solution would be if we could set up one Amiga Coverdisk site together hosted at Ale or at Emuunlim, but I'm afraid we both don't have enough free time to do such an enormous job...

And I don't mind if we both are adding the same disks.. I like it to add more information (Coverscans etc...) of each Amiga magazine...
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