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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
BD is definitely the better format. I always supported it.

Until I found two things (verify please): (1) BD doesn't (yet) use a better compression algorithm than HD-DVD, (2) the worse - BD is much much much more tied to stupid security and locking mechanisms... hate this stuff.
1 BD supports the same compression/mpeg profiles as HD-dvd. The difference is that HD-dvd started using vc1 and h264 profiles earlier, while BD still used mpeg2, probably due to licensing costs. These days they usually share the same VC1 encode for the video, and have different audio. The blu-ray has a PCM track (lossless) and a DTS (lossy) track most of the time while hd-dvd has a True-HD track (lossless) and a DDigital plus (lossy)

2 BD has a extra layer of (per disc)security and is region locked, other then that it's the same as HD-dvd. The protection pretty much means that it will take some extra 3 days for a scene release.

Either way the compression isn't the problem, rather the mastering. A well mastered mpeg2 track will look just as good as a vc1 track when you have 30 gig to spend. Even more interesting, a well mastered h264 (around 2h) movie can go down to around 15 GB and still look great.

Now to grab shitloads of cheap HD-dvds from amazon

The problem with ps3 and xbox 360 as HD players are that both of them are noisy and hot.

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