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Originally Posted by Mick_AKA View Post
But Betamax was Sony, so surely in this case 'Betamax' won?!
I was referring to the fact that the betamax was a better product, regardless of who manufactured it, and in it's day, was recognized as a better machine than VHS or Video 2000.

Whether Sony make the Blu-Ray or not, I 'really' didn't want to buy one of them.

The market have chosen this because of the amount of units sold due to the PS3, and yet PS3s are generally not going to be based in the main living room where the whole family can watch. Short-sighted, in my opinion, but until something better comes along, I suppose it will have to be Blu-ray

Originally Posted by NLS View Post
BD is definitely the better format. I always supported it.

Until I found two things (verify please): (1) BD doesn't (yet) use a better compression algorithm than HD-DVD, (2) the worse - BD is much much much more tied to stupid security and locking mechanisms... hate this stuff.
It's also not updateable.

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