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Got suggestions for Amiga Mini Games?

Ok, do you have any requests of mini games made out of Amiga games?.

I'll give ya some examples I'm planning:
Premiere, the part where you duel the cowboy in the wild west level. My idea for this is a mini game where you simply use space bar to shoot. It would work like in the game:

You both stand there, facing each other, both ready to draw. At random timings, the evil cowboy will attempt to draw his gun at you, but not too fast (just like in the game), so you get time to react. As soon and you see him draw, you press space bar to shoot him.

You would get 3 tries, and the time from he draws, till you hit space is recorded and converted to a score. So.... the one with the fastest reaction, gets the best score.
Back to the Future III, the shooting part, where bad guys, ducks and stuff appears on the screen and you shoot as many things you can untill the time is up.
Already made the Terminator 2 bonus-puzzle game.
Monkey Island 2, the spitting contest part , working on it, stuck on some things.
Another idea which I've already done was taking the character from Shadow of the Beast, having him stand in the forest, blocking incoming and bouncing Amiga characters. If he's hit, game over, the longer you stay alive, the more score. Took the idea from IK+, so the SotB guys is holding a shield .

So, people, got any ideas for Mini Games?. I might turn out to not do any of them (very limited coding skills), but still would like to hear alot of ideas .
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