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Terminator 2: The Puzzle Game

Yay, look what I've made .

Terminator 2: The Puzzle Game (best title I could think of )

From the news on RAG:
Hi, I have been workin on this game for 5 days and today it's hopefully 100% completed (all bugs and stuff I could find should be fixed).

If you find any bugs, just report them somewhere in the Forum .

It's a simple game; just get all the pieces in place as fast as you can, using the cursor keys as controls. When you get to the highscore screen, you can click on "new game" or press enter to quickly give it another go.

Done some stuff in Flash many years ago and been dying to start programming again, so this is like my come-back game I guess. Got little skills so far, but enough to make this game, but took alot of effort and trial n error to make it work as I've never done stuff like this before... I'm a quick learner I guess .... the help sections in the Flash program helped alot.

The game can be found in the "Games And Fun" menu to the right.

Enjoy! (if you like puzzles that is )
Uhm, made a Shadow of the Beast game years ago, had a fault highscore system for that one, will look up the source code and add this highscore system to it and post that game aswell on the page. It's called Shadow of the Bounce, maybe someone remember/played it?. Will add it soon I hope.

Hope you are like me who like to compete about score .

Shadow of the Bounce added to the page.

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