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Okay, I just came home from work...
Here we go.

Originally Posted by laser View Post
I listened golden axe piano and is really good
but it doesn't look home-made
it's so well recorded and it looks so professional

there's a sound on the background...I feel this was recorded using an electric piano with accompaniment

generally Im not so distrustful...but

Viddi,...are you sure that you are the real author of this?
Of course I´m the "author!"
It wouldn´t make sense to start a thread like this being a liar, would it?!

It´s an e-piano, Yamaha PF-500.
As I said in my first post, the strings are just a dual voice.
I often use it to add some more depth and you can do some tricks with it.

E.g.:Using two fingers of the right hand to hold this sound, playing something else with the other three fingers and change the two fingers again to get more harmonies. And so on...
You can do the same with the left hand.

So it´s possible to "split your hands" while playing bassline, chords, a variation and the main voice.

The downside (at least when I play) is that timing problems occour from time to time, especially while having cold hands.
That´s why these songs aren´t perfect in my eyes.
But I don´t want to record them in parts...

Of course there is no accompaniment. The PF-500 is just a piano, not a keyboard.

Ah yes, prof. recording isn´t a big deal nowadays.
To finalize the very basic recording I just added a master limiter.

Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
How long have/did you learn the piano for?
Are you one of those incredibly gifted people that can simply play a tune after hearing it?
How long does it take you before you can sit down and play a tune?
How many attempts before you can play it without mistakes? (I didn't notice any mistakes in the tunes so far at all!)
How are you recording these songs? (Equipment etc)
Oh, I started with organ (!) lessons when I was 7. Weird, I know.
Then I switched over to keyboards and finally changed to the piano.

I always hated notes and my teacher(s) became angry all the time when playing memorized songs instead of using sheets of music.
That´s why I quit when I was 13 and did the rest by myself.

I normally hear songs once and play them. Sometimes I have to listen to some parts more often. It depends on the complexity and my skills.

There are some mistakes, or things I wanted to play in a different manner,
but these things are concealed by quick interpretation changes.

I use a Roland VM-3100 mixer and the DMX6-fire soundcard for my recordings.

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