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Apidya - Inaccessible bonus stage (Speed of Light) FOUND!

Thought I'd start a new thread for this...

I wanted to convert the music for Apidya into mp3 so I could listen to it without the need of booting up winuae/uade/whatever...

I grabbed the music files from exotica and started to convert each levels' music, tallying them up to the level's and the bonus levels. All was fine.

Then I came to level 4. I found a track which didn't seem to appear in level 4 and I for one didn't know of any bonus level in level 4.

I took a look in the music test menu and came across the same track called "Speed of Light". I did a search on the net and found a few posts about people wondering where the track featured.

This intrigued me so I messed about with level 4 for a bit and came up with nothing...

So I contacted girv with my suspicions as he was currently working on the whdload slave.

Turns out I was right!

There is a bug in a data table in level 4 that would prevent the "speed of light" subgame from ever starting. Two values were swapped which essentially said "move along, nothing to see here" even if you were at the right location to trigger the game.
girv assures me he has some pictures too so hopefully he'll add to this thread soon
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