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Originally Posted by mcbpete View Post
This is the only Amiga related theme I can play on piano:
Oh, that´s cool.

Originally Posted by snowman040 View Post
Agony main theme?

Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
Wow Viddi, you MUST do a Ton more of these renditions from our favourite machine. I will be playing these at Home & even in the Car as i drive ( got another Car ).

They really do hit an emotional chord from my past and how things are now.

Thank you and PLEASE continue to produce more of these masterpieces.

Actually the Piano ( or Piano sound produced from a Synth ) and the Violin are my top 2 favourite instruments!. When i was in Paris, we stayed at my girls Sisters apartment and she had been playing the Violin since she was about 8 and now she is 28. Every morning she would practice and play some amazing things.. What better thing to wake up too in the morning, besides our Amiga's of course !!?

Thank you so much.

Yeah, wonderful French memories...
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