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I remember in the early 90's there was show here on TV called "Now You See It" which was a kids quiz show that had a little side kick robot, and hosts name was Mike Mead. They had kids coming onto the show to win a computer for their school, and yep, you guessed it, the main prize was an Amiga 500 !!!..

Also i remember seeing another TV host of ours by the name of Larry Emder ( the guy who hosts "The Price Is Right ) with an A500. It was like a little TV special about Larry and they went through his home, and as he was showing them around, you could see his Amiga 500, and i also remember him saying on his TV show once out loud for some reason !?.. "Caaaaaarv Up !!!" This was after i had seen his A500 on that TV program and then i realised he was "perhaps" referring to the game "Carvup" on the Amiga.
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