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Originally Posted by orange View Post
er, how about just using setpatch from os3.9?
I think I have had no problems at all with it and 120Gb HDD, pfs3, KS3.1, WB3.1, a1200 builtin IDE
just don't write anything to 'higher' partitions before reboot.
The ROM update is one of the major parts of OS 3.9 which was criticised by its opponents. So IMHO if you use the ROM update you could use the rest of OS 3.9 as well. IMHO it's inconsistent to say "I don't like OS 3.9" and use 1/2 of it at the same time.

If I wanted to stick with 3.1 and use large hard drives I'd extract scsi.device from the ROM update and use it with LoadModule or BlizKick. This way only the needed parts of OS 3.9 would be used.

But to answer your question, yes, if the AmigaOS ROM Update is in Devs, SetPatch updates scsi.device and makes large harddrives available. But it only works with PFS3ds, not with the TD64 version of PFS3. The updated scsi.device does not support TD64.
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