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Originally Posted by Oli_HD View Post
There is the old WOASE venue maybe? (Poplars Hall, in Shenfield) Its a town hall so its cheap, its a short train ride out of London (cost Ģ7 if I remeber though) and its got a bar!

Pics of the venue from SEAL

No rooms to kip in but hey.
Perhaps itīs possible to sleep elsewhere in the building. (main hall?)

Now, there are three locations near / in London, right?
Well, letīs start with that!

May I ask you, who likes to contact:

1) ?

2) ?

3) Hutton Poplars Hall ?

In addition to that, the voters of Cambridge could try to find a nice and cheap place there. So we can decide if itīs really worth to reconsider at all.
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