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For some reason tonight i decided to type in "Amiga Resident Evil" into google and found several links...

Brings back memories...

I was "Magic Rabbit" back in 1998. I had just got a PC for college and got the awesome Resident evil for it. I then discovered I could take screen captures and use the sound files on the CD.

I had a friend who made a bet that I couldnt get it working on the Amiga for some reason. I can't remember specifics but I was always into trying creative things back then so started making this on the Amiga.

I'm the first to admit its not that great. It used pretty simple programming and only took me a week or two from start to finish. I never really intended to get any further than I did because of combat. I had actually re-programmed that whole part of the game so the cut scenes where animations and the zombie moved about. But I came to realise it was a lost cause so I gave up.

Shortly after I was contacted by Capcom who had seen my work and wanted to discuss a possibility that I could help with an Amiga version. I was not that good of a programmer and I knew I couldnt really work on a real Amiga version and lastly my parents wanted me to stay at college so I declined - nothing after that ever happened with an Amiga version anyway (to my knowledge).

So there you have it.. Im just surprised people are still talking about it now, I even found it on youtube at: [ Show youtube player ]

Just thought id add my comments
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