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Originally Posted by MazinKaesar View Post
I'll be in Tunbridge Wells in July... It's not far from London ... I hope to meet someone of the EAB
lmao - Tunbridge Wells is i guess close to London compared to most other places, but you make it sound like it's next door!

i vote Tunbridge Wells for the new venue.... bit posh mind you!

Originally Posted by Mick AKA
The FACT is that somewhere like Cambridge has better... and easier to use road, rail and bus links,
i cant really agree with that. London has stacks of transport at its disposal,although i will agree the tube is overpriced - no where else has anything like it for convenience!

i too lived in outer London for many years, but decided to get out.... it's still ok for the occasional visit though i wont recommend living there! Regarding venue hire, accomodation, there is a notable drop in price imho compared to central. And yes, even in beer prices, where it's no different in prices to somewhere like Kent or Surrey.

still, whatever must be must be i guess. Democracy rules and all that.

p.s. i'm not on 50K a year, but even i can stretch to the occasional few drinks in London dont be so tight mick!
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