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Talking of TOSEC, I have two major problems with it:

1. As was acknowledged by Morph in this thread, minor changes to an ADF means that it is regarded as a new version. Unlike console ROMs, ADFs can be changed, so it seems silly to use ROM tools like ROMCenter with Amiga disks.

2. TOSEC is for emulation only. Like other people, I actually use real Amigas as well as emulators and the long filenames of the TOSEC naming system will not work on a real Amiga. The Amiga supports about 30 character filenames and something like the following is 33 characters too many:

1869 - History Experience I (1992) (AGA) [cr] (Disk 2 of 4).zip

This is a prime example of trying to cram all the game info into the filename. The filename will be truncated on a real Amiga.

First, let's get rid of the spaces, as they serve little purpose, except to make it slightly more readable:


Next, let's get rid of 'History Experience I'. There's no reason to include this subtitle here, as there is no other 1869 on the Amiga. Why not put it in an Amiga games database? Do the same for (1992).


My, what a lot of brackets!

Look, there are more useless characters for the disk numbering. Get rid of 'Disk' and get rid of 'of'. The number of disks can also be stored in the database.

In fact, why not go all the way and store all disk information in a database? Let's give each version of a game a certain ID. So, the first version of 1869 AGA would be called v1, the second v2 etc.,,,,,,

In the database:

Name=1869: History Experience I AGA
Graphic chipset=AGA


The main point about this system is that it doesn't ignore the computer that the games are for - the Amiga.
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