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musojon: Not too shabby at all mate, very Amiga-style too! Maybe we should have a proper natter sometime about music. I admit though however, I have succumbed to the delights of Renoise on the PC, but luckily you can get it for Linux if you are that way inclined.

Oli_HD / musojon: Man, it's really inspiring seeing posts like the one you've just posted - because I think it would be fantastic if the UK Scene grew more. We've got some fantastic talent already (check out route 1066 by the uk scene allstars on pouet), but I always wondered why we didn't get more people involved - so I'm glad I've signed up here for sure!

Even just dipping my oar in the seas of Amiga has shown that there are more interested people in the UK. I think we could get together and really make something of the scene again, I hope you'll be up for it!
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