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Originally Posted by mgman1 View Post
Well, you're not me. I'm the guy who'd be offended considering he's making fun of me, not you. And he isn't contributing to the thread. He's just joining in with a few others in here who mock me. The only reason the topic went off-course was because of posts from the users like him, as well as Bippym who's putting a threat upon me if I don't apologize within 24 hours (which is unjustified); as well, he's thickening the situation by not considering what else is happening.

In the end, I'll probably get thrown off while the people who mock me get a good laugh and bite out of it, easily getting away.
You're going to be banned for having a duplicate account!

I was giving you the chance to have your original ban (which is indefinate) lifted, and this one removed, but alas you cannot see where you are in the wrong and it is everyone else!

Go to another Amiga forum and stay away from here..

Thread closed mgman1 banned
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