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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
mgman, if you cant take a bit of a joke, i really dont know why you even come to this board, considering you have contributed nothing except some blurry picture of a game only you believe was ever published, and in spite knowing of the negative reaction you would get posting this 'proof of release'. you're reaction here has been laughable - getting upset and pointing a finger at someone for highlighting that is hardly going to do you any favours now is it?

it's quite clear you're on the way to a banning pretty soon. unsurprising considering your complete disgard for anyone on the board, and a complete unwillingness to respect the wishes of the moderators right here. moderators who you claim never do anything.

i too hope you find the game - prove people wrong etc etc. However, i think hell will freeze over first.
Before explaining this, I'll just point out that Magno Boots has a point: Who has been offended? It doesn't seem like anyone's been offended, in fact, the only one offended here is me. That really makes Bippym's demand even more injust.

@Horace: I honestly don't consider mocking or teasing a joke. Give me a fu**ing break regarding the goddamn picture. Have you read my previous posts? It's the best the guy could do with his shitty scanner. If you want to clear the picture up for whatever reason (perhaps it'll make it better proof? I doubt it.), do it yourself. But any guy who's played the known PC Contra/Gryzor games know that the level and game layout is unfamiliar. The mods sure as hell didn't do anything useful about the Contra 4 and MGMAN thread. Plus, you want me to fulfill their wishes? Read my posts and that should make you change your stupid decision. If your boss asked you to kiss his muddy-ass boot and then lick all of it off, you'd do it? I'll keep searching. And whatever you like to call it, hell freezes over.. well let that happen.

I never said I didn't want to be a member; I said I'm not wanting to be a part of this "community".
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