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Originally Posted by keropi View Post

are you serious?
perhaps you need to go post to the board of people who care then...
Perhaps you should post in many boards, other than this one only. You seem to laugh for a stupid reason. And what are you talking about? "post to the board of people who care then..." Post what? Who care about what? That suggestion is totally irrelavant to what I said.

Next, if you mods want a quick hint as to what off-topic/nonsense/similar crap I'm talking about, how about you turn your attention over to Hungry Horace? What's he done in here: sarcasm, a request to be added to some stupid list and next being an ass. And you must admit, I haven't drawn much attention to his first post because I know he has nothing better to do. But this is getting to the point that you should do something?
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