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You make it appear as if my emails were that bad. If you read the emails carefully, you'd know that they didn't concern the "game that does not exist" but rather the blind and late judgement of you and the other moderators. When the people got really immature and consistently lamented me after I left, what did you guys do? You stood around blindly and when you felt the insults shot enough (yeah right), you decide "Ok! Let's lock up the topic and leave a post like 'Nothing to see here.' " without so much as punishing or warning anyone who went real far.

What does the apol. go out for? I should do so for the moderators and the EAB? Why? For the moderators because they stood around blindly and then locked the topic without doing any actual moderation? For the eab because of their constant lament and little done to them? What you're asking is to pretty much publicly kiss lots of ass just to stay in on the grounds of really stupid and wrong condemnation.
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