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Strange, I own a demo / preview of Gryzor CPC since 1988.
I never said you didn't believe it (or the whole CPC world). I mean the majority of people who know the CPC. BTW, is that the 1-level version, which has the first base stage?

@DDNI: I never referred to Amiga's Contra as the game people mock. I was referring to Contra games in general. Should I add you to the list of mockers who mock Contra in general or Contra Amiga or my beliefs? So, you really didn't need to bring that up. As for this thread not adding more to the previous thread, which thread are you talking about? Compared to my previous thread, I managed to recover that in-game screenshot. If you read through my previous thread carefully, you'd know that at that time, I didn't have it.
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