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Originally Posted by mgman1 View Post
As much as I agree that a game like Contra couldn't have gone by unnoticed considering its praise, there are still those (vast majority) that mock it and don't like it. Many of them, I've seen here, in this forums (I'm not saying names, nor am I pointing at anyone here, in this thread).

Contrary to popular belief that a preview/demo of Gryzor on ZX Spectrum never existed to the public, I found it. I in fact found 2 different demos, one of which even Mark Jones didn't remember. The other, he believed of having something which wasn't really in it (no offense towards you Mark, just pointing out 8) ) I did the same thing with the Commodore 64 and Amstrad: recovered demo/preview of Gryzor that was thought to not exist. Only this is being a hard egg.

Though I have mentioned it a year ago, I think it's noteworthy now considering many may have forgotten: a user on the broken Contra Database forums has played the Amiga game. If I could re-contact him, I could confirm a shitload more...
If Contra was released on Amiga, it would have been cracked and available for a long time. just because it 'might' have gotten a single US release, didn't stop games from being cracked and released across the world.

Prince of Persia is a case in point, US released by Broderbund, Angels cracked it a full year before it was released in Europe, Same with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and any other US version (Out of this World/Another World).

Quite simply, if the Amiga version was EVER in the shops and retailed, it WOULD have been cracked, WITHOUT QUESTION.

The fact it never was, speaks volumes.

Of course, if you can prove me wrong, then its a win for everyone because we get to play it
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