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Originally Posted by Belgarath View Post
I'm inclined to believe an amiga version was in development, and possibly fairly complete but for whatever reason it was not released.

An advert saying it was available for the amiga does in no way constitute as proof that it was ever released, the adverts could have been printed up before the amiga version was cancelled.

If such a famous game like contra had been released on the Amiga there would have been a lot more proof of it's existence by now, the fact that all there is is an advert and a couple of screenshots says pretty conclusively that it never came out.

edit: and believe me I'd really really love it if there was an amiga version, it would be great if we were proved wrong but there is NO proof.
As much as I agree that a game like Contra couldn't have gone by unnoticed considering its praise, there are still those (vast majority) that mock it and don't like it. Many of them, I've seen here, in this forums (I'm not saying names, nor am I pointing at anyone here, in this thread).

Contrary to popular belief that a preview/demo of Gryzor on ZX Spectrum never existed to the public, I found it. I in fact found 2 different demos, one of which even Mark Jones didn't remember. The other, he believed of having something which wasn't really in it (no offense towards you Mark, just pointing out 8) ) I did the same thing with the Commodore 64 and Amstrad: recovered demo/preview of Gryzor that was thought to not exist. Only this is being a hard egg.

Though I have mentioned it a year ago, I think it's noteworthy now considering many may have forgotten: a user on the broken Contra Database forums has played the Amiga game. If I could re-contact him, I could confirm a shitload more...
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